Compulsory Poses

All competitors in Bodybuilding and Figure classes must complete the mandatory compulsory poses as part of the judging process. 



  1. Front Double Biceps
  2. Front Lat Spread
  3. Side Chest
  4. Side Tricep
  5. Rear Double Biceps
  6. Rear Lat Spread
  7. Abdominals and Thighs
  8. Most Muscular
    • Hands on hips with one leg extended forward, and
    • Any most muscular of your choice.



  1. Front Double Biceps
  2. Side Chest
  3. Side Tricep
  4. Read Double Biceps
  5. Abdominals and Thighs

To avoid doubt, competitors in Figure classes do not perform Front or Rear Lat Spreads, or Most Muscular poses, as part of their compulsory poses.