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WFF International RULES:

Conditions for Participation

Every competitor must have their height, weight and age verified before the competition ( Registration day ) for final category, classification and grading.

The contestants will be classified into their respective categories as illustrated on Page 3.

Athletes cannot change Categories, on the day of the event.

Athletes will be categorised into Fitness, Performance, Athletic, Superbody or Extreme based on their Height & Weight.

Judging Criteria

The criteria to judge an athlete is based upon three equal aspects:

Round 1 : Presentation / Individual Routine ( 60 Sec )
Round 2 : Symmetry / Quarter Turns Front, Back and Sides Line-up
Round 3 : Grade of Muscularity / Compulsory Poses/Comparisons


Round 1 : Presentation / Individual Routine

In the category ‘Aerobics & Fitness Model’ contestants can wear theatrical costumes use props and shoes to create a theme. Time for Aerobic routines is 90 seconds maximum.

All other competitor/categories will be allowed a maximum of 60 seconds to exhibit her/his figure, physical conditioning, charisma, and presentation ability through this free posing round. Contestants should show flexibility, creativity, overall presence and choreographed performance.

Presentation is the effective display of the contestant's asset through posing ability, posture, projection, and carriage on stage. Skin tone, grooming, and posing outfit are a part of presentation. The selection of poses and their proper execution, the smoothness of transitions, and the coordinated selection of music all enhance the routine and presentation.

In this round the judges look for qualified routines that demonstrate individual personality, style and muscle-coordination.

Round 2 : Front, Back, and Sides Line-up

In this round the judges analyse body shape, tone, symmetry, harmony and general presentation.

Symmetry refers to the structural harmony of the physique relative to the size of the various body parts. Shape, proportion, detail, definition, and balance of each body part in relation to one another must give a cohesive whole and overall balance.

All competitors in the class will present themselves on stage in serial order in a straight line or curve and assume a semi-relaxed stance. The head judge will then instruct the competitors as a group to execute a series of quarter turns allowing the judges to view them from all sides. When this procedure is finished and the judges are satisfied, round two is completed and all athletes must remain on stage.

Round 3 : Grade of Muscularity / Compulsory Poses Comparisons

Muscularity refers to the size of the muscles in relation to skeletal structure, their shape and definition.

All competitors in the class will present themselves on stage in serial order and assume a relaxed stance. The head judge will call each of the poses in order giving the competitors sufficient time to hit and hold the pose for the judge's determination. After the initial comparisons are completed, the head judge shall shift the competitors about and conduct additional comparisons of selected sub-groups. Once the judging panel is satisfied, round three is finished.

Compulsory Comparisons:

FRONT LAT SPREAD (no pose for women)
BACK LAT SPREAD (no pose for women)
MOST MUSCULAR (no pose for women)

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