Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct outlines a set of guiding principles on expected standards of behaviour for every person involved in the WFF.

It applies to every competitor, coach, support person, official, administrator, member, spectator, volunteer or member of the public involved with WFF activities. Everyone should demonstrate the principles of integrity, respect, responsibility, fairness and safety in relation to bodybuilding, fitness, training and sanctioned activities by:


  • being honest, fair, respectful, trustworthy, reliable, open and transparent in dealings with others,
  • avoiding any real or perceived conflicts of interest,
  • striving to earn and sustain a high level of community trust and goodwill,
  • not engaging in or advocating the possession and use of banned performance enhancing substances or methods, or illicit drugs,
  • not participating in, or encouraging action that may jeopardise the integrity of WFF including illegal activities and other corruption.


  • treating everyone involved in a considerate, objective and courteous manner with proper regard for their rights, dignity and worth,
  • refraining from any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, abuse, child abuse, intimidation, victimisation or vilification of others, including on the basis of age, race, sex, disability, sexuality, gender identity or religion,
  • recognising and valuing the contribution of all to the WFF, including volunteers, coaches, officials and administrators who give up their valuable time to make competitions happen.


  • considering and accepting the consequences of one’s actions and decisions,
  • being a positive role model by displaying self-control, respect, care and diligence towards all involved with the WFF,
  • complying with standards of conduct expected of adults when dealing and interacting with persons under 18 years of age,
  • understanding the possible consequences of breaching the Code of Conduct and immediately reporting any potential breaches to WFF International.


  • understanding and abiding by the rules and spirit of the WFF,
  • being informed, consistent, impartial, just and reasonable in dealings with others,
  • being a ‘good sport’ by encouraging and praising respect over winning at all costs,
  • providing a ‘fair go’ to people of all abilities to be involved in bodybuilding and fitness, and reach their full potential.


  • providing a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment that places the health, welfare and well-being of participants above all else,
  • taking all reasonable steps to ensure equipment, facilities, events and programs meet health and safety standards and are appropriate to the age and ability of participants,
  • being aware of and supporting policies and practices in relation to injury management,
  • showing concern and caution towards others who may be sick or injured and immediately reporting any safety issues to appropriate authorities.


To report any concerns or suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct please e-mail